A remote notary is a legally commissioned notary public who is authorized to conduct notarizations over the internet via digital tools and a live audio-video call.
Legally, all notaries, no matter how they perform their service, must observe as a customer signs a document. Historically, this has required that the notary and signer must travel to meet one another in-person where the notary serves as a witness during the signing event. Remote notarization allows this process to occur online, anytime, without requiring a physical meeting.
RONs use a digital signature and digital notary seal to notarize digital documents and validate with a digital certificate.

When you complete a notarization process with a remote online notary, the finalized PDF document is digitally signed. The digital fingerprint is embedded in the PDF which allows others to verify that it has not been altered after the signing took place. The signature guarantees that the document hasn’t been tampered with, and it also guarantees the identity of the Notary signer. The files you upload to the site will be stored securely and only be available to you and your Notary. The information you provide to verify your identity is only used to pass data securely to our identity partner.
Read more about how notaries are authorized to work remotely in Washington State and Texas.

Creating your account and requesting a notarization can be completed in just a few minutes.
The duration of your session with your notary depends on the number of documents to be signed, but typically one notarization can be completed in five minute or can last up to 30 minutes (depending on the number of notarizations and documents).

The remote online notary (RON) process is most commonly used in financial services, insurance, law, and government. Typical document types are wills, powers of attorney, and real estate documents.

Documents in PDF format are preferred, but you can upload .png, .jpg, .jpeg files. Note that non-PDF files will be converted to PDF.

The cost of a remote online notarization is dependent on the number of documents signed and notarized.
A single notarization ("seal") is $21; additional seals are $15 each.

Once you have completed identity verification and knowledge-based authentication and you and the notary have agreed on a signing schedule, log in at the designated time and enable your audio and video.
The notary will walk you through the signing process. During this process, you will digitally sign your documents in the areas indicated by the notary. After signing, you can download your documents immediately. Watch this brief video to see the process in action.

If you have worked with a notary previously, that notary’s name will be listed as an option when you click the Request a Notary button. You will be taken to that notary’s personalized landing page, where you can request a signing. When you join your session, the notary will have completed the identity requirement before the session, so you won’t have to verify more than once.

Yes, to do this go to your Profile and enter your new email. Profile can be found under the menu when you are signed in and click your initials (upper right).


In Washington state:
  • Go to https://www.dol.wa.gov/business/notary/nrequirements.html
  • Apply for electronic notary endorsement online (https://professions.dol.wa.gov/s/saw-help)
  • Apply for remote notarization:
    • Email notaries@dol.wa.gov
    • Put “Remote Online Notary Endorsement Application” in the subject line
    • In the body of the email include your name, your Notary license number, and the date you applied for the electronic notary endorsement
    • Choose the vendor Everythinglegal.com in the list that you will use for both electronic signature and remote online notary.
View these brief videos
becoming a RON in Alaska.
becoming a RON in Idaho.
becoming a RON in Texas.
becoming a RON in Washington

See Self RON pricing and features and Corporate RON pricing and features for detailed information about subscription options and to create your account.

A Self RON is an individual or private remote online notary practice. A corporate RON is a remote online practice within a corporation. Each Corporate RON account has an administrator and may have multiple notaries associated with the account and managing signings.

Currently, Notary Hub is welcoming notaries from Alaska, Idaho, Texas, and Washington to subscribe to join the platform. Around 28 states currently allow RON and we hope to continue to add them to the EverythingLegal platform in 2022 and beyond.

Each State governs how their licensed RONs may transact. Many states allow notaries to perform a RON session (as long as the notary is within its state boundaries) for a constituent outside of State (and country borders). Consult the regulations for your state.

Yes. A Corp RON can add a Self RON subscription to their account on the EverythingLegal platform.